Complete Towing Capacity Chart 2018 – 141 Vehicles & SUVs

This summer, many families this will be loading themselves – and their gear – into a vehicle and hitting the open road for the campground, cottage, shoreline, or anywhere in between.

If your plans also include hooking a trailer to that vehicle then you need to make sure you are using the correct vehicle/trailer combination to make your vacation as safe as possible.

In This Guide

Complete Towing Capacity Chart for 2017

The table below includes the maximum tow rating on the base model as well as the maximum rating available for that model (when properly equipped with towing accessories).

You may search or sort by Make & Model, price, fuel economy and vehicle classification. The source of the data is linked to in the last column (referenced pages may have been updated/moved since this guide was published).

Make & ModelStarting MSRPMPGTypeBase (lbs.)Maximum (lbs.)Source
Acura MDX$44,05018/26Midsize SUV35005000Source
Acura MDX Hybrid$51,96026/27Midsize SUV0-Not Recommended0-Not RecommendedSource
Acura RDX$35,670 20/28Compact SUV1500Source
Audi Q3$32,90020/28Compact SUV2200Source
Audi Q5$41,50023/27Compact SUV4400Source
Audi Q7$49,00019/25Midsize SUV7700Source
BMW X1$33,75023/32Compact SUV0-N/A0-N/ASource
BMW X3$40,05021/28Compact SUV3500Source
BMW X4$47,60020/28Compact SUV3500Source
BMW X5$56,60018/25Midsize SUV5952Source
BMW X6$62,50018/25Midsize SUV6000Source
Buick Encore$22,99025/33Compact SUV0-Not Recommended0-Not RecommendedSource
Buick Enclave$39,06515/22Midsize SUV20004500Source
Buick Envision$34,06522/29Compact SUV1500Source
Cadillac Escalade$73,39515/22Large SUV8300Source
Cadillac XT5$39,39519/27Midsize SUV10003500Source
Chevrolet Bolt$36,620N/ASmall Car0-Not Recommended0-Not RecommendedSource
Chevrolet Colorado$20,00019/26Compact Pickup Truck35007000Source
Chevrolet Equinox$23,58026/32Compact SUV15003500Source
Chevrolet Malibu Hybrid$27,87549/43Midsize Car1000Source
Chevrolet Silverado 1500$27,78518/24Full Size Pickup Truck600012500Source
Chevrolet Suburban$49,91516/23Large SUV63008600Source
Chevrolet Tahoe$47,21516/22Large SUV64008600Source
Chevrolet Traverse$28,70015/22Midsize SUV20005200Source
Chevrolet Trax$21,00025/33Compact SUV0-Not Recommended0-Not RecommendedSource
Chevrolet Volt$33,22043/42Small Car0-Not Recommended0-Not RecommendedSource
Chrysler Pacifica$28,99519/28Minivan15003600Source
Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid$41,995N/AMinivan15003600Source
Dodge Durango$29,99514/22Midsize SUV62007400Source
Dodge Grand Caravan$25,99517/25N/A3600Source
Dodge Journey$21,19519/25Midsize SUV10002500Source
FIAT 500X$19,99525/33Compact SUV1000Source
Ford C-Max Energi$27,120N/AHybrid & Electric0-Not Recommended0-Not Recommended
Ford C-Max Hybrid$24,17542/38Hybrid & Electric0-Not Recommended0-Not Recommended
Ford Edge$28,95021/29Midsize SUV15003500Source
Ford Escape$23,75021/29Compact SUV15003500Source
Ford Expedition$47,12515/21Large SUV66009200Source
Ford Explorer$31,660 17/24Midsize SUV20005000Source
Ford F-150$27,11018/25Full Size Pickup Truck500012200Source
Ford Flex$30,19516/23Midsize SUV45004500Source
Ford Fusion Energi$33,305N/AMidsize Car0-Not Recommended0-Not Recommended
Ford Fusion Hybrid$25,29543/41Midsize Car0-Not Recommended0-Not Recommended
GMC Acadia$29,07021/26Midsize SUV10004000Source
GMC Canyon$20,88518/25Compact Pickup Truck35007000Source
GMC Sierra 1500$28,40518/24Full Size Pickup Truck600012500Source
GMC Terrain$24,07021/31Compact SUV15003500Source
GMC Yukon$48,53016/23Large SUV8400Source
Honda Accord Hybrid$29,60549/47Midsize CarN/AN/A
Honda CR-V$24,045 26/32Compact SUV1500Source
Honda HR-V$19,46528/34Compact SUV0-Not Rated0-Not Rated
Honda Odyssey$29,99019/28Minivan3500Source
Honda Pilot$30,74518/26Midsize SUV35005000Source
Honda Ridgeline$29,47519/26Compact Pickup Truck35005000Source
Hyundai Ioniq$22,20057/59Small Car0-Not Recommended0-Not RecommendedSource
Hyundai Santa Fe$25,35018/25Midsize SUV5000Source
Hyundai Sonata Hybrid$26,000 39/45Midsize Car0-Not Recommended0-Not RecommendedSource
Hyundai Tucson$22,70023/30Compact SUV1000Source
Infiniti QX30$29,95024/33Compact SUV0-Not Rated0-Not RatedSource
Infiniti QX50$34,65017/24Compact SUV0-Not Recommended0-Not RecommendedSource
Infiniti QX60$43,10020/27Midsize SUV5000Source
Infiniti QX70$45,85017/24Midsize SUV2000Source
Infiniti QX80$63,85014/20Large SUV8500Source
Jaguar F-Pace$41,990N/ACompact SUV5290Source
Jeep Cherokee$23,69521/30Compact SUV20004500Source
Jeep Compass$19,94023/32Compact SUV2000Source
Jeep Grand Cherokee$30,39519/26Midsize SUV62007200Source
Jeep Patriot$18,04023/30Compact SUV10002000Source
Jeep Renegade$17,99524/31Compact SUVNot Recommended2000Source
Jeep Wrangler$23,99517/21Compact SUV3500Source
Kia Niro$22,89052/49Compact SUVN/AN/A
Kia Optima Hybrid$25,99539/46Midsize Car0-Not Recommended0-Not RecommendedSource
Kia Sedona$26,90018/24Minivan10003500Source
Kia Sorento$25,60021/28Midsize SUV20005000Source
Kia Sportage$23,20023/30Compact SUV16502000Source
Land Rover Discovery$49,99016/21Midsize SUV8201Source
Land Rover Discovery Sport$37,69520/25Compact SUV4400Source
Land Rover Range Rover$85,65017/23Large SUV7716Source
Land Rover Range Rover Evoque$41,80021/29Compact SUV33074409Source
Land Rover Range Rover Sport$65,650 17/23Midsize SUV7716Source
Lexus GX$51,68015/18Midsize SUV6500Source
Lexus LX$89,880 13/18Large SUV7000Source
Lexus NX$35,28522/28Compact SUV2000Source
Lexus NX Hybrid$39,72033/30Compact SUV1500Source
Lexus RX 350$43,12020/27Midsize SUV3500Source
Lexus RX Hybrid$53,03531/28Midsize SUV3500Source
Lincoln MKC$32,88021/28Compact SUV20003000Source
Lincoln MKT$43,53016/24Midsize SUV20004500Source
Lincoln MKX$38,26017/25Midsize SUV20003500Source
Lincoln Navigator$63,51515/21Large SUV9000Source
Maserati Levante$72,60014/20Midsize SUV5900Source
Mazda CX-3$19,96029/34Compact SUVN/AN/A
Mazda CX-5$24,045 24/31Compact SUV2000Source
Mazda CX-9$31,52022/28Midsize SUV3500Source
Mercedes-Benz G-Class G550$122,40013/14Large SUV7000Source
Mercedes-Benz GLC-Class$39,150N/ACompact SUV3500Source
Mercedes-Benz GLE-Class$52,00018/23Midsize SUV6600Source
Mercedes-Benz GLS-Class$67,05019/22Large SUV7500Source
Mitsubishi Outlander Sport$19,79524/30Compact SUVNot RatedNot Rated
Nissan Armada$44,90014/19Large SUV8500Source
Nissan Frontier$18,39015/21Compact Pickup Truck35006500Source
Nissan Juke$20,25028/32Compact SUV0-Not Recommended0-Not RecommendedSource
Nissan Leaf$30,680N/AHybrid & Electric0-Not RecommendedNot RecommendedSource
Nissan Murano$29,74021/28Midsize SUV1500Source
Nissan Pathfinder$30,29020/27Midsize SUV6000Source
Nissan Rogue$23,82026/33Compact SUV1100Source
Nissan Rogue Hybrid$26,24033/35Compact SUVN/AN/ASource
Nissan Rogue Sport$21,42025/32Compact SUV0-Not Recommended0-Not RecommendedSource
Nissan Titan$29,58015/21Full Size Pickup Truck974012760Source
Porsche Cayenne Hybrid$78,700 N/AMidsize SUV7716Source
Porsche Macan$47,50017/23Compact SUV1653Source
Ram 1500$26,49517/25Full Size Pickup Truck503010430Source
Subaru Crosstrek$21,69526/33Compact SUV10001500Source
Subaru Forester$22,595 22/28Compact SUV1500Source
Tesla Model X$82,500N/AMidsize SUV5000Source
Toyota 4Runner$34,21017/21Midsize SUV16555000Source
Toyota Avalon Hybrid$37,30040/39Large Car0-Not Recommended0-Not RecommendedSource
Toyota C-HR$22,500 27/31Compact SUV0-Not Recommended0-Not RecommendedSource
Toyota Camry Hybrid$26,79042/38Midsize Car0-Not Recommended0-Not RecommendedSource
Toyota Highlander$30,63020/24Midsize SUV10005000Source
Toyota Highlander Hybrid$36,27029/27Midsize SUV10003500Source
Toyota Land Cruiser$84,775 13/18Large SUV10008100Source
Toyota Prius$23,47554/50Small Car0-Not Recommended0-Not RecommendedSource
Toyota Prius c$20,150 48/43Compact SUV0-Not Recommended0-Not RecommendedSource
Toyota RAV4$24,41023/30Compact SUV10001500Source
Toyota RAV4 Hybrid$27,91034/30Compact SUV10001750Source
Toyota Sequoia$45,56013/17Large SUV10007400Source
Toyota Sienna$29,75019/27Minivan10003500Source
Toyota Tacoma$24,32019/23Compact Pickup Truck35006600Source
Toyota Tundra$30,12013/18Full Size Pickup Truck850010500Source
Volkswagen Atlas$30,500N/AMidsize SUV5000Source
Volkswagen Tiguan$24,99520/24Compact SUV2200Source
Volkswagen Touareg$49,49517/23Midsize SUV7716Source
Volvo XC60$41,50022/28Compact SUV16503300Source
Volvo XC90$45,75022/26Midsize SUV16505000Source

What is Towing Capacity?

The term towing capacity simply refers to the amount of weight that the vehicle is capable of pulling and stopping safely. Towing capacities are determined by several factors including engine size, transmission model, gear ratio, and how the suspension is configured to name a few. So never assume a neighbors or friends vehicle is the same as your own when it comes to trailer towing.

This figure can usually be found in the owner’s manual or on the manufacturer’s website. You can also try calling your local car or truck dealership for your brand of vehicle and speak with someone about your specific setup.

Impact on Braking

The towing capacity also takes into consideration the vehicles ability to stop the weight. You may think the vehicle is capable of hauling more but it may not be able to slow it down properly if the situation arises.

Trailer brakes can be installed and used with trailers that have electronic braking systems. A trailer brake will not increase your capacity but does greatly improve handling. Again, with trailer brakes, there are factory and aftermarket available so proper installation and programming should be verified.

Calculating Trailer Weight

When calculating your trailer weight vs. towing capacity always remember to add the weight of passengers (industry standard is 150 lbs. /occupant), gear (tents, coolers, and bikes add up quickly) and how the weight in the trailer is distributed.

The hitch and trailer are designed with a specific tongue weight range – usually between 10-15% of the trailer weight. The tongue weight is the amount of downward pressure being put on the exact hitch point.

This is often a round ball on the hitch but may also be a fifth wheel design. A fifth wheel appears as a large plate that is mounted in the bed of the truck and will have a different coupling system than under vehicle mounted hitches. A properly loaded trailer will provide the correct tongue weight and improve the overall handling.


Below are all of the things that need to be taken into consideration any time you tow a trailer. You may only be towing a small utility trailer to pick up some top soil on weekends or a 40 ft. travel trailer while going across country but almost everything you need to safely and properly tow a trailer can be done before you leave the driveway.

Curb Weight

The total weight of the vehicle as built in factory including all fluids and a full tank of fuel but does not account for passenger weight or any cargo

Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR)

Also known as Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) is the maximum allowable weight that the vehicle can safely operate at. It includes the weight of passengers and cargo but not the weight of the trailer. The tongue weight from the trailer should be added into GVWR.

Gross Combined Weight Rating (GCWR)

This is the maximum allowable combined weight of a vehicle and trailer when travelling on the road. It includes the weight of the vehicle, passengers, trailer and cargo. This weight rating is determined by the manufacturers and takes into consideration the engineering design of the vehicle.

Gross Trailer Weight Rating (GTWR)

This is the maximum allowable weight that the trailer can safely be towed at. It includes the weight of the trailer, fluids and cargo. Tongue weight should be 10-15% of GTWR.

Importance of the Hitch


Your vehicle’s towing capacity assumes the proper hitch is installed. Hitches installed in factory will be mounted properly and will include the proper wiring and transmission and engine cooling system.

On the other hand, aftermarket or universal fit hitches may not have been installed correctly. Whether or not you have a factory installed or aftermarket hitch should be verified when determining towing capacity.

Type of Hitch

The most common style of hitch seen on the roads today is a receiver or draw bar type hitch. This means that the ball can be removed by sliding the mounting bar out of the receiver when not in use. There are also fixed draw bar hitches but they have become less common in newer vehicles.

A fifth wheel hitch will be mounted in the bed of a truck and the trailer will have what is known as a king pin that slides into an opening in the hitch and locking jaws will wrap around it. Usually fifth wheels are found are larger trailers owing to the better weight distribution that they offer.

Hitch Class

There are four main weight classes for trailer hitch rating. The hitch’s weight rating should be compared against the GTWR.

Class I — rated to 2,000 pounds (907 kg)
Class II — rated to 3,500 pounds (1,588 kg)
Class III — rated to 5,000 pounds (2,268 kg)
Class IV — rated to 10,000 pounds (4,536 kg)

It should be noted that you cannot add a weight distribution kit to a Class I and II hitch. Weight distribution kits help even out the weight that is transferred to all four wheels and reduces vehicle sag and trailer sway.

Type of Trailer

Trailers can generally be split into three categories based on size.

Small/Utility Trailers

These include small personal trailers that might be used to haul small amounts of dirt and gravel or personal recreational vehicles. Typically they would require Class I or II hitches only as towing capacity would seldom be of issue.

Travel and Tent Trailers

Includes all travel type trailers and all sizes. Although some smaller tent trailers can be compacted and lowered for travel and are not much bigger than some utility trailers, they should be treated the same as any larger trailer because weight of passengers and cargo can vary from trip to trip as well as distance.

Large or Commercial Trailers

This includes all large semi truck trailers, industrial and commercial trailers. These may be used to transport goods for industrial needs or commercial equipment requirements. Usually these require specialized hitches or coupling systems and may require special licenses or permits

Vehicle Considerations


It is important to have the proper tires for both the tow vehicle and trailer. Manufacturer’s weight ratings assume the recommended tire is being used as well as correct tire pressures are set because it can affect the weight capacity and handling characteristics.

A passenger (P rated) has considerably less weight rating than a light truck (LT rating) tire. You must make sure that the tires being used are rated for the weight being towed.

Trailer towing will increase tire wear so when pricing replacement tires be sure price the correct model. Passenger rated tires are cheaper because they are not made as sturdy as light truck models.


Although they will not increase or decrease towing capacity, the importance of having the correct mirrors, both size and setting, will greatly improve your overall towing experience.

They must be mounted wide enough to allow a proper visual down both sides of the trailer. They must be adjusted correctly to limit blind spots and allow for easier backing maneuvers.

There are some aftermarket add ons for some lighter duty towing that include convex mirrors or extension that mount to the factory mirrors. Some vehicles will have electronic devices like blind spot detectors, power adjustable glass and power folding options. Some of these options cannot be added unless ordered from factory so explore all options.


A common misconception is that a 4×4 truck is better for towing than a 4×2. The truth is that a 4×2 offers more towing capacity because it is lighter and transfers that weight saving to towing capacity. A 4×4 vehicle will give better traction in adverse weather conditions or where traction may be limited such as boat ramps.

Overall Towing Safety

The variables involved when towing trailers can change frequently and a solid understanding of all systems is crucial to continued success with towing. You should not leave anything to chance when it comes to following recommended towing capacities.

17 thoughts on “Complete Towing Capacity Chart 2018 – 141 Vehicles & SUVs

  1. Can a 2018 Kia Sorento tow a class 3 18′ utility trailer with a total weight of 5000lbs. Through mountain roads of VA & Penn??

    • I have towed a 3500 lbs trailer (plus bikes, food, etc, probably another 1000 lbs) with my 2016 Kia Sorento SX AWD (5000 lbs max towing capacity) over 6000 miles at this point. It does a reasonably good job. The main weakness is the suspension. The back of the car sags quite a bit.

      I’d say if you already have the Kia and don’t need to tow very far or often and won’t have anything else in the vehicle, then it might work. But you’d be really maxing it out.

    • Hi Richard, the 2016-2018 Dodge Durango RWD equipped with the 3.6L Pentastar® V6 engine (SXT, SXT Plus, GT & Citadel) offer a maximum towing capacity of up to 6,200 pounds which is enough to tow that camping trailer.

  2. Marc- Please Help, If you were to purchase a mid-size SUV (see list to follow) Please rank the best ones to consider. We want a 6 cylinder vehicle with a dependable drive train. We will be towing a light weight travel trailer -3000 lbs GTWR 10% of the time. The remaining 90% will be city and highway use. Estimated GVWR is 1250 lbs.
    Considering: Chevrolet Traverse, Dodge Durango, Ford Explorer, Honda Pilot, Hyundai Santa Fe, Jeep Grand Cherokee, Nissan Pathfinder, Toyota Highlander, Volkswagon Atlas OR any other suggestion you might have ! Thanks for your help. Ray

  3. Can a 2007 Ford F-150 with a 5000lbs towing capacity pull a Coleman lantern with a dry weight of 5800lbs? The sticker on the door says maximum weight of the truck 6700lbs. Help please lol

  4. I have a rv trailer that weights about 5000 lbs. what mid size suv would you suggest to pull it. We don’t go but a few times a year. But wants to pull it easy. Thanks

    • I have a 2013 Hyundai Santa Fe XL that pulls a WolfPup 22BP trailer at 3600 dry weight. We’ve pulled it through Eagle Pass in Colorado and the Adirondacks with no problems.

  5. I’m retiring a 2012 Silverado 1500. Want a midsize SUV able to tow 20′ RV and 6000# utility trailer. Any suggestions?

  6. Nearly a great resource.
    The sort function on towing capacity sorts by digit (left-to-right) rather than by value. In other words: 1, 10, 11, 12, 2, 3, 4…etc. If it’s possible, please adjust this behaviour!

  7. 2018 Toyota Tundra 2WD CrewMax SR5
    Vin lookup says tow limit is 6700. We are looking at buying a bumper pull rv. Weight is confusing by looking at the tag. GVWR, GAWR, etc is confusing.

    We were looking at trailers with GVWR under 6700. We were told to pay more attention to other weight specifications then just the GVWR. Can you explain this?

  8. I’m looking for a vehicle that can tow up to 5,000 lbs to tow a tiny house when necessary. Don’t want a Ford or anything over $45,000 USD. What would be your recommendations?

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