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Mercedes-Benz Oil Change Cost Comparison

The typical cost of a basic Mercedes-Benz synthetic oil change is $130.

Oil & Filter Change$130
“A” Service$250
“B” Service$470

This routine service includes the following:

  • Drain the old oil and replace it with full synthetic Mobil 1 or another premium motor oil.
  • Replace the dirty filter with a genuine Mercedes-Benz brand name oil filter.
  • Check brake, power steering and radiator fluid levels.
  • Check the windshield wipers and, if necessary, add Mercedes-Benz recommended windshield washer fluid.
  • Perform a visual inspection for noticeable leaks as well as wear and tear on items while conducting the oil change.
  • Check and adjust the tire pressure as needed.

Levels of Service

Mercedes also offers the additional levels of service “A” and “B” that are recommended for owners who want to keep their vehicles running as smoothly as possible.

Level “A” Service

This service should be done within the first year of ownership or approximately 10,000 miles. It should be repeated at 20,000-mile intervals. The price starts at $250 and includes everything listed in the routine service above, plus:

  • A function check of interior and illumination lighting along with warning and indicator lamps.
  • A function check of the windshield wipers and washer system.
  • A function check of the headlight washing system if installed.
  • Resetting the instrument cluster Flexible Service System (FSS) counter.
  • Inspect the thickness of rotors and brake pads on the front and rear.
  • Check the condition of the tires for damage, measure tread thickness and check the air pressure, including the spare if one is present. Ensure that tires are properly inflated.
  • Rotate and balance the tires if required. Additional fees may apply.
  • Catch, safety catch and hinges on the hood for proper function.
  • Lubricate linkages and hinges.
  • Condition of drive belts.
  • Conduct a road test.

Level “B” Service

Performed every two years or 20,000 miles, the service includes brake, steering and exhaust system inspections. Level “B” service starts from $470 and includes the items listed in the routine oil change and the “A” level service along with the following checks and inspections:

  • Rotate and balance the tires on vehicles without staggered wheels.
  • Balance the tires on vehicles equipped with staggered wheels.
  • Seat belts for damage and proper function.
  • Mechanical components and rubber boots of the steering system.
  • Front axle rubber boots and ball joints.
  • Function and condition of the throttle linkage and lubricate as necessary.
  • Engine air filter.
  • Lubricate sunroof tracks.
  • Check the rear differential for leaks.
  • Wheel bearings for noise and excessive play.
  • Fuel tank, lines and connections for leaks.
  • Check the exhaust system for leak as well as its mounting, position and overall condition.
  • Parking brake cables and verify free movement.
  • Conduct a road test.

Why Are Mercedes-Benz Oil Changes So Expensive?

Mercedes recommends and certifies only a select few brands, types and weights of motor oil. The primary recommendation is synthetic Mobil 1 for most new and older cars. Some older vehicles still require high-grade standard oil. While these brands are usually more expensive, they also offer a higher level of performance.

Mercedes dealers typically charge higher prices for service and labor. The price for parts may vary. They will only use the best quality recommended oil available, which is typically more expensive. Oil change shops may also charge more for a Mercedes for the same reason. Ask to see the empty container to verify that you did receive the more expensive oil. You may be able to save money on an oil change if the dealer is offering a discount, special pricing or a coupon.

How Often Should You Change Engine Oil

Mercedes-Benz recommends that you change the oil in a newer model vehicle every 5,000 miles or more often if your vehicle experiences severe driving conditions. Since the late 1990s, Mercedes has equipped its vehicles with a service indicator to alert drivers that they have reached the next interval.

The vehicle is also equipped with a sensor that monitors the condition of the motor oil. The service alert warning will trigger if the quality of the oil has deteriorated below the minimum standard. Ensure that the service alert indicator is properly reset after every service.

How to Save Money

To ensure that you are getting the best price, contact several service centers. You may be able to save money if the dealer is offering a discount, special pricing or a coupon. Dealerships often advertise their most recent promotions on their website to encourage owners to use their service department for routine maintenance. Once you have found a Mercedes dealer with affordable pricing, print out and use any additional coupons that are available to reduce the cost of your next oil change.

You can also save by changing the oil yourself. The oil filter on a Mercedes is mounted on top of the engine for easy access.

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  1. I have a 2017 GLA, first change A, was at 8,000 miles because of leaving on a long tour. This was over $400.00. Second change was 10,000 miles later , service B $620.00 . I love my car, paid the premium price to own it. I am feeling a bit frustrated about these service prices. Service B included changing brake fluid on a 10 month old car?
    I will continue the pay the price to be in this “exclusive” club.