Ford E-150 Towing Capacity Table – 2009-2018

The following table contains the maximum trailer weight (towing capacity) recommended for a Ford E-150 for every model year 2009 and after. Use the drop downs to find a particular year, trim or engine.

We have provided a link to the source of each rating – typically the owner’s manual. Always consult your owner’s manual for towing instructions.

YearTrimEngineMax Tow CapacityDescriptionSources
20094.6L V-86,000Van 3.73:1Source
20094.6L V-86,500Van 4.10:1Source
20095.4L V-87,400Van 3.73:1Source
20094.6L V-86,000Wagon 4.10:1Source
20095.4L V-87,000Wagon 3.73:1Source
20104.6L V-86,000Van 3.73:1Source
20104.6L V-86,500Van 4.10:1Source
20105.4L V-87,400Van 3.73:1/4.10:1Source
2010Extended4.6L V-85,900Van 3.73:1Source
2010Extended4.6L V-86,400Van 4.10:1Source
2010Extended5.4L V-87,300Van 3.73:1/4.10:1Source
20104.6L V-85,600Wagon 3.73:1Source
20104.6L V-86,100Wagon 4.10:1Source
20105.4L V-87,000Wagon 3.73:1/4.10:1Source
20114.6L V-86,000Van 3.73:1Source
20114.6L V-86,500Van 4.10:1Source
20115.4L V-87,500Van 3.73:1/4.10:1Source
2011Extended4.6L V-85,900Van 3.73:1Source
2011Extended4.6L V-86,400Van 4.10:1Source
2011Extended5.4L V-87,300Van 3.73:1/4.10:1Source
20114.6L V-85,600Wagon 3.73:1Source
20114.6L V-86,100Wagon 4.10:1Source
20115.4L V-87,000Wagon 3.73:1/4.10:1Source
20124.6L V-86,000Van 3.73:1Source
20124.6L V-86,500Van 4.10:1Source
20125.4L V-87,500Van 3.73:1/4.10:1Source
2012Extended4.6L V-85,900Van 3.73:1Source
2012Extended4.6L V-86,400Van 4.10:1Source
2012Extended5.4L V-87,300Van 3.73:1/4.10:1Source
20124.6L V-85,600Wagon 3.73:1Source
20124.6L V-86,100Wagon 4.10:1Source
20125.4L V-87,000Wagon 3.73:1/4.10:1Source
2013Van4.6L V-86,0003.73:1Source
2013Van4.6L V-86,5004.10:1Source
2013Van5.4L V-87,5003.73:1/4.10:1Source
2013Extended Van4.6L V-85,9003.73:1Source
2013Extended Van4.6L V-86,4004.10:1Source
2013Extended Van5.4L V-87,3003.73:1/4.10:1Source
2014Van4.6L V-86,0003.73:1Source
2014Van4.6L V-86,5004.10:1Source
2014Van5.4L V-87,5003.73:1/4.10:1Source
2014Extended Van4.6L V-85,9003.73:1Source
2014Extended Van4.6L V-86,4004.10:1Source
2014Extended Van5.4L V-87,3003.73:1/4.10:1Source
2014Wagon4.6L V-85,6003.73:1Source
2014Wagon4.6L V-86,1004.10:1Source
2014Wagon5.4L V-87,0003.73:1/4.10:1Source

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