Are Volvos Expensive to Maintain & Repair?

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    I would love to purchase a new or like-new Volvo, but I hear parts and maint’. are a bit costly. I make around $30,000 a year. Is this
    enough? I want to go back to school in a few years, just about when I may need some maint’ on a car bought today.


    Let’s start out by saying that if you buy your Volvo new, then for the first three years or 36,000 miles repairs are mostly free because of the new-car warranty. After that, since Volvo are quite well built, there should be another period of say three to five years when the repairs are quite reasonable, all things considered.

    Yes, it is true that Volvo repairs are more expensive. The reason is that, despite its new owner, Volvo is a relatively small manufacturer that can’t ever reach the economies of scale achieved by other imports like Honda just because of sheer size. When you sell several million vehicles into a market every year, you have that base of vehicles on which to start your repair work. And, when you look at the Honda lineup, you see that the number of vehicles that figure grows yearly grows at a specific incremental rate as cars are added to the fleet.

    So, does this have an impact on the costs of your specific Volvo repairs? The answer here is it may. Because you are buying your repairs at an adjusted rate — the service management staff knows what that rate is but as you can imagine, they are rather loathe to let that proprietary information out. They use this information to set the basic rate for your car repairs which is exactly what you are asking about. Suffice it to say that though they may be able to get higher repair rate for your area, they will keep it stable so that they don’t price themselves out of the market.

    Here’s a good suggestion that will help you with your car repairs on your Volvo, buy a service contract and renew it after the term. For example, a customer recently came to a dealership with a heater problem. One repair outlet tried several times to pinpoint and fix the repair but every time they got down to cases, there was another issue. Finally, they were able to get all of the issues in a row and resolved. The only money the owner had to pay, when it was all said and done, was the $100 deductible. The cost of the policy is about $1,750, however, you will find the policy quickly pays for itself, especially if you have multiple covered problems to fix.

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