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    I’ve been having multiple occasions of a dead battery usually in the morning. The vehicle has had the most recent software update covered by a service bulletin that addressed battery charging rates. The vehicle has been to one dealer twice and another dealer three times but each one finds no problems with the battery, no problems with the alternator, and no evidence of a parasitic short. No doors are being left open and no interior light is being left on. Yesterday the battery sounded sluggish when I started up the engine so I put it on a charger for 4 hours and drove the vehicle around for at least another two hours. This morning — another dead battery.


    Okay, you have answered all of the secondary questions regarding the battery, here is the most important, how old is the battery? I realize that this must seem like a pretty generic answer but when you look at it, it is not.

    If your battery is older than say 36 months it has started to turn bad, though the ultimate downturn on any usage curve is right around 48 months. If your battery has passed the 48 month point, then it is definite that the battery is bad and it has to be replaced. Once it has been replaced, I think you will see your Honda working fine once more.

    And, if you are wondering if your dealings with the service department have been all in vain, I have to tell you they are not. You see, you have had your Honda’s software suite upgraded during your trips to the service department which is a very good thing. As such, your vehicle is ready for many more years on the road. Just remember, though, the most obvious answer is often the answer in a car so try to see if your car battery is just old. The chances are good, it is.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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