Best Place for an Oil Change – Without Being Ripped Off

There are many options of where to go when it’s time to get your car’s oil changed, including dealers, general repair shops, chain repair shops and “quick lube” shops that specialize in oil changes. Picking the right one is a matter of balancing convenience, quality and cost. Keeping on top of your car’s maintenance schedule is critical to the life of your engine, and ignoring it could cost you dearly when the added wear and tear catches up with the motor’s internal components. However, there’s often a difference between the services you’re offered and the services you actually need. What … Read more

6 Ways to Stop a Windshield Crack from Spreading

In addition to detracting from the appearance of your vehicle, a cracked windshield make can also reduce your visibility. While many people think that a small crack is a minor issue and ignore it for days or even weeks, the imperfection can spread quickly and make your car unsafe to drive. The damage may be referred to as a chip, a stress crack, a star break or a bull’s-eye depending upon the size and shape of the flaw. Regardless of its type and size, the crack will eventually spread as the glass expands and contracts in response to changes in … Read more